The municipal councilor appeared at the videoconference in his underwear

“Radio Arvyla will show us,” the mayor told the municipal councilor, who connected to the videoconference in his underwear and managed to show more than just his face …

The comic situation occurred on April 14, during an online video conference of employees of the municipal council of Corinth, according to During it, the municipal councilor hooked up to an online chat in his underwear. The situation might not have attracted everyone’s attention, but the man, trying in vain to adjust the position of the camera to show his face, managed to show much more than necessary.

Some of them pointed out to him that he should get dressed immediately, because “it is not good to look like that in the city council.” “Radio Arvyla will show us,” the mayor said for his part, while the municipal councilor looked as relaxed as his clothes, saying “it doesn’t matter”. To be precise, the dialogue between the chairman of the municipal council and the municipal councilor looked like this: – Come on, chairman, I’m listening! – Make the camera show only the face. – Yes, and … – Do you understand that? – Yes Yes. Another adviser intervenes: – We were scared! “Never mind, never mind,” replied the relaxed councilor of the city council. …

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