The murder of a journalist: what was learned during the investigation

Journalist Giorgi Karaivaz received nine fatal bullets, according to an expert report prepared by Stavrula Papadodima, a professor at the School of Medicine. He had no chance of surviving. The investigation is in full swing, all possible resources are being used to clarify the circumstances of the case as soon as possible.

According to investigations, the journalist, seeing his killers, tried to stand behind the trunk of his car. Instinctively extending his palm to defend himself, he received a bullet in his arm. All other shots were fatal. At the same time, those received in the head were released already at the moment when he was lying on the ground, including the control one. Judging by the results of the examination, at some point Georgy bent down, apparently to avoid being hit.

At a meeting of the heads of the security and police services involved in the investigation, the senior police officer expressed the general view:

“In the person of Giorgi Karaivaz, a blow was struck to the entire law enforcement system, and a civilized state cannot put up with this.”

In the course of a large-scale investigation, the area of ​​activity of law enforcement officers is gradually expanding. Conversations are held with people from the environment of the journalist and his lawyer, video recordings are studied. The latter helped shed light on the movements of the criminals – at first they escaped from the scene in a dark Beverly, then somewhere they left a motorcycle and continued on their way in another vehicle. The police are looking for a scooter, examining a database of those stolen and burned in recent days. The police officer says:

“Unfortunately, until now we have not seen the motorcycle license plate, which is very important for us, but we have not seen all the footage from the cameras.”

In addition, George’s car is being carefully studied, including for the detection of a GPS tracker, with the help of which the criminals could track the movements of the journalist. In special laboratories, mobile phones and laptops are studied – publications, messages, calls, emails.

It has already been established that the weapon used by the perpetrators, the 9MM pistol, had not previously been registered as an instrument of crime, that is, it turned out to be “clean”. The investigation is ongoing.

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