Self test: the probability of a false negative result is 40-50%

Pulmonology professor Theodoros Vasilakopoulos said that in this period, when the pandemic is progressing, “a negative self-test does not guarantee us anything, and only the molecular PCR test is still the most reliable.”

In an interview with the OPEN channel, the expert emphasized that he means the results of self-testing. Given that the pandemic is so widespread at this time, “There is a 40% -50% chance that the test is false. Therefore, citizens should not relax, continue to carefully observe the measures and wear a mask. “

At the same time, the specialist believes that with a self-test, “a positive result for coronavirus when using a self test is very likely to be really positive.” The professor reiterated that the probability of a false negative self-test is 40-50%. “The most reliable of all tests is molecular. It only gives a 30% chance of a false positive, ”emphasized Mr. Vasilakopoulos.

The specialist added that “a negative self-test is likely to be false,” and explained, “It’s not safe. Through self-testing, we will find many of those who are asymptomatic carriers of the infection. We must all continue to be vigilant. If a single effective solution was found that would take into account all the positive and negative aspects, the problem would be nullified all over the world, and the pandemic would end. The Greek government made a very correct decision to do two self-tests, because in this case the risk of inaccurate results will be minimized. However, those who test negative should be careful. ”

In conclusion, the professor pointed out that “self-testing is a very useful tool, but not a panacea. A negative self-test result does not guarantee us anything. This also applies to rapid tests. The most reliable of all tests is molecular, which has a 30% error rate. We have not finished the fight against coronavirus yet. There are many cases of disease, the pandemic is progressing. “

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