A trip to the village for Easter with a self test

Epidemiologists intend to open the “window” at Easter, that is, to allow the country’s residents to go to their parental homes, to the village.

And if they finally decide that it is safe against the coronavirus, then moving outside the prefecture by car and possibly even by ferries (visiting the islands) will become possible.

If taverns remain closed for Easter, it is very likely that travel outside the prefecture will be allowed, subject to coronavirus protection measures and after a self-test. However, nothing can be said for sure, since depending on the epidemiological data, decisions are made by infectious disease specialists. Proof of this is that, due to the emergency, it was decided not to open stores in Thessaloniki, Achaia and Kozani.

Christos Hadzichristodoulos, professor of epidemiology at the University of Thessaly and member of the committee on infectious diseases, told SKAI about the current situation in terms of the pandemic.

The professor left open the possibility that travel outside the prefecture will be allowed on Easter, provided that the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic is somewhat “curbed”.

Mr. Hadzihristodoulos also said that the committee will probably allow “travel” on condition that a self test is done. These will be the necessary supporting documents, not the “papers” that are valid today for movement from prefecture to prefecture.

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