March 31, 2023

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In Italy, discovered a huge batch of vaccines hidden near Rome

The Italian edition of La Stampa reports that a multimillion-dollar batch of vaccines from the Swedish-British company AstraZeneca was found hidden near the capital.

At first, it was reported that 29 million doses were destined for the UK, but due to the blocking by the European Union, they remained unreported. Then this information was denied by the Italian government. The new version, according to “Lenta.Ru”, says that the European Commission asked for an inspection at the Anagni plant, during which a batch of scarce drugs was found. However, they were not intended for Great Britain, but for Belgium, as the inspectors say.

At the end of last month, it became known about a sharp cut in the supply of AstraZeneca to the European Union – instead of the planned 90 million, he will receive only 30. Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, has already threatened the manufacturer with a rigid block on the export of his vaccines to other countries. The company assured: “At the moment, no export is planned, with the exception of COVAX countries.”

Against the backdrop of these difficult negotiations, the third wave of the pandemic hit Europe. Jens Spahn, Germany’s Minister of Health, warns that even if the supply of the drug to Europe stabilizes, it will take at least several weeks to vaccinate only those at risk of citizens.

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