Post-pandemic taxation

Even before COVID-19, the economies of many countries around the world were in difficult conditions. Real wage growth has remained low since the 2008-2009 financial crisis, leaving millions of people in lower-paid and low-skilled jobs, especially in the service sector. Many today work in the areas hardest hit by the pandemic, such as retail and […]

We work for half a year to pay taxes

The Greeks have to work a little less than half a day to cover their obligations to the tax authorities. Every year for the past five years, research has been carried out in Greece to measure the tax “wounds” inflicted on the Greek population. Have you ever wondered how many days a year we Greek […]

ΕΝΦΙΑ: changing the real estate appraisal scale

The countdown to the official announcements of the new values ​​of the real estate appraisal indicator in various regions of Greece has already begun. According to Finance Minister Christos Staikuras, who announced significant changes to ΦΙΑ, the “map” with zones of new objective values ​​will be published in the Official Gazette early next week. Mr. […]

Taxisnet will open today for filing tax returns

The TAXISnet tax filing platform for 2021 is expected to open during the day, Finance Minister Christos Staikuras said. The minister noted that “unlike last year, this tax reduction (μείωση της προκαταβολής φόρου και η πρόβλεψη για τα τεκμήρια) has already been legislatively enshrined and will be automated when filling out a tax return in […]

Tax relief

Greek families, in addition to standard taxes, pay an additional € 1.5 billion out of their own pockets for their children’s primary and secondary education, or 0.85% of GDP. Taxpayers “took a deep breath” from the measures taken last year, which significantly reduced taxes and insurance premiums paid in previous years. In particular, the reduction […]

When will they start filing tax returns?

A tax filing platform will open immediately after Easter, Finance Minister Christos Staikuras said. The finance minister told Open channel that the economy needs support until the situation stabilizes. At the same time, he stressed that, as expected, tourism this year will go much better than last. And the bank deposits of citizens will continue […]

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