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Taxes: 8.5 out of 10 euros

Tax compliance is high as taxpayers pay 8.5 out of €10 total on time despite inflation FPAincome tax and debt ΕΝΦΙΑ.

AADE data showed that in 2023, the collection of the most basic taxes (FPA, personal/corporate income tax and ΕΝΦΙΑ) reached 84.51%. Tax compliance rates stabilized significantly compared to the previous year, reaching 83.3% (up 2.8% from 2020).

Businesses have become more punctual in their payments as they promptly pay 9 out of 10 euros of income tax, followed by the payment of the FPA, the collection rate of which reaches 85%. Individuals who pay 75.91% of income tax on time are the worst performers as thousands of households take refuge in the fixed scheme and 24 installments to “give themselves a chance to breathe”.

Based on AADE tax compliance data by category, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Corporate Income Tax: Of the €6.765 billion, €6.091 billion was paid on time, meaning the corporate income tax on-time payment rate is 90.03%. In December, out of 901.55 million euros, 805.96 million euros, or 89.4%, were paid on time.
  • FPA: Of the 16.111 billion euros, the government collected 13.677 billion euros, i.e. the completion rate was 84.87%. In December, the amount to be paid was 1.032 billion euros, but the amount that ultimately reached the state treasury was 897.47 million euros, which means that the on-time payment rate was 86.91%.
  • Personal income tax. Collection rates in this category have accelerated compared to previous years. The on-time payment rate was 75.91%, up from 74.69% in 2022, as taxpayers paid €2.815 billion out of a total of €3.709 billion, leaving a difference of €894 million in arrears. In December, the tax compliance rate reached 73.12% as taxpayers paid €369.15 million out of a total of €504.85 million.
  • Property tax ΕΝΦΙΑ: collection increased to 79.49% from 77.22% in 2022. Of the accrued 2.272 billion euros, 1.806 million euros were paid. In December, the amount paid by taxpayers was 179.29 million euros, and the total debt was 226.83 million euros, meaning 79.04% of those liable paid tax on time.

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