Biden got rid of American journalists

At a meeting with reporters after the US-Russia summit in Geneva, the American president cursed, ignored and criticized representatives of the American media. First, Joe Biden had a fight at a press conference with the American journalist, White House CNN chief correspondent Caitlin Collins, who did not see any constructiveness at the last meeting. When […]

Biden-Putin summit: main topics and results of negotiations

The summit of the Russian Federation and the United States seems to have been more effective than Putin’s meeting with the previous American leader, Donald Trump. Here, Mr. Biden’s diplomacy must be given its due. Putin more than once noted the constructiveness of the conversation and even singled out the current US president from the […]

Barbed wire and military around the perimeter – La Grange Park prepares for the meeting of the presidents

The first meeting of the American and Russian presidents will take place in Geneva, in La Grange park, therefore, unprecedented security measures have already been taken there. Barbed wire has been added to the metal fences around the park, and the territory around it, which has been declared a security zone, is being vigilantly guarded […]

G7 Summit Started Today

In the British Cornwall today the G7 summit begins. In addition to the G7 leaders, the meeting will be attended by guests – the heads of South Korea, India, South Africa, Australia and other states. The main topics of the summit will be climate change, strengthening the global health system, trade and other important issues, […]

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