Nearly 70% of students received at least one vaccination

Secretary of State for Education Angelos Sirigos noted that “a huge number of students have been vaccinated and given at least one dose. The exception is parish schools with 55% ”. In particular, the university with the highest percentage of vaccinated people is the EMP (Εθνικό Μετσόβιο Πολυτεχνείο), with 78%. Next come: EAP (Ελληνικό Ανοικτό […]

Tears of students: housing rent has risen in price

Shortly before the opening of lecture halls at the country’s universities and in conditions when the pandemic is still not defeated, the parents of students and the entire academic community started talking about the acute problem of student housing. New data released by rental platform Spitogatos for student housing searches this year shows small changes […]

Admission and exams in universities: what will apply to vaccinated and unvaccinated

How the educational process for university students will take place in the current conditions of the pandemic, said the representatives of the authorities. Education Minister Niki Kerameos stressed that the scope of the universities’ work in the coming academic year is being discussed: “And the universities want teaching to be conducted in classrooms. In the […]

Student rallies were dispersed by the police

Massive protest rallies took place in Athens and Thessaloniki and other cities in Greece. Protesters demanded that universities be open to students and teachers and closed to police. The police used batons and tear gas, and there are two wounded. The education community is demanding that the government abandon the law requiring police to be […]

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