May 27, 2024

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EU-US: "useful" Mr Mitsotakis, who "smells like a dictator"but saved by Ukraine

EU and the USA strongly supports “useful” Mitsotakis, despite the many scandals caused by his government and the authoritarian way of governing because they need him, while the war in Ukraine continues.

That’s why they forgive him lack of rule of law (recognized by the EU itself), which in other words means authoritarian rule (which Viktor Orban is constantly accused of).

They forgive to him Tempi disaster, they forgive to him surveillance of the opposition and journalists, they forgive to him personal data breach, revealed in the infamous Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou emails. ABOUTthey don’t even forgive him for his transactionsaccording to which the country continues buy Russian gas.

Why does everyone forgive him? Because he generously donates to Ukraine weapons and ammunitionwhich do not belong to him personally, but to the Greek people, He demilitarizes the islandsbecause it is from there that he gets his weapons, and at the same time he is perhaps the most extreme in his statements and actions of the European leader towards Russia.

As for the weapons and ammunition that he took from the islands, creating a serious deficit in their defense capabilities, it should be remembered that he sent many thousands of 155mm artillery shells. Which are difficult to replace, since enterprises Hellenic Defense Systemwhich previously produced these shells, will now carry out orders for their production also for Ukraine, and not for Greek arsenals.

Someone, of course, will say that 155mm artillery is not a critical weapon systembut for Ukrainians it is. Of course no one will saythat 60 portable anti-aircraft systems “Stinger” and 32 105 mm towed guns, which were also removed from the islands for shipment to Ukraine are not critical weapons systems. And yet, despite all the weapons and ammunition sent to Ukraine, this is not the most extreme measure of Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

He took even more extreme measures, for example, he excluded the Russian representative from the list of participants celebrations on March 25although Russia played a key role in gaining independence and creating the modern Greek state. But this was not the “peak”. The pinnacle was the fact that the Prime Minister not only refused to give permission to Russian citizens to vote, but only gave his consent when Moscow raised the issue of violating the Vienna Treaty! And this approval was given only on March 8, a week before the elections! And he even hastened to declare that “Greece gives its consent reluctantly”!

Now, regardless of whether anyone likes Russia and V. Putin, how “smart” are these “reluctant” statements? And what do they offer for the national interest? Why is there so much anger? Is it really in order to hide from the population of Western countries the fact that, despite the embargo, they began buy gas from Russia (yes, quietly, but en masse), even in larger volumes than they bought before the war? It’s no secret that the Greek government buys Russian gas from both the Turkish Stream and the Azerbaijani TAP, whose gas is 80% Russian!

And Turkey gave everything to Greece… and also ceded half of its EEZ under the maritime zones agreement it concluded with Egypt, under which the Greek EEZ stops halfway to the land of Rhodes on the 28th meridian!

It is quite possible that such vigorous activity is due to the fact that Kyriakos Mitsotakis got into trouble with wiretapping, placing it on the phones of Greek businessmen who were negotiating with American officials. And when information about this reached the US State Department, someone at Megaro Maximo felt a little sick. A really bad Kyriakos Mitsotakis became after someone, most likely Russia or China, stole data from servers Intellexa company, where all the information on tracking Greek politicians, officials, members of parliament and journalists was most likely stored.

It is known that the United States has already set a price for the head of Predator creator T. Dilian and everyone associated with Intellexa SA. And this is not only Grigoris Dimitriadis, nephew of Kyriakos Mitstakisserved under the Prime Minister confidant in relations with ΕΥΠwho was then quietly fired, but, in fact, the uncle himself…

How might Russia respond to the word “reluctantly” used by the Greek government? For example it might sound in the following way: “We put our signature on Greek independence, but as a sacrifice.” ANDIs it possible to go even further by saying: “We put our signature on the inclusion of the Dodecanese, but reluctantly.”

Because in the Paris Agreement, the then Soviet Union signed up for the integration of the islands, and Russia, as the successor state, “inherited” this signature. It should be noted that Russia put its signature on the integration of the Dodecanese into Greece also reluctantly since these islands control access to the eastern Mediterranean. For this reason, she was then given three anchorages in the Aegean Sea (one in Astypalaia). I wonder if anyone in the Mitsotakis government remembers this?

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