In vain we endured lockdowns – scientists from the USA recognized them as useless

Inefficiency and futility – this is how scientists from Johns Hopkins University assess the introduction of lockdowns after completing their study. As the publication writes “Kommersant”, a study by American scientists says that lockdowns have demonstrated their futility and minimal effectiveness. In European countries and the United States, they reduced coronavirus deaths by a measly […]

Omicron: Latest News from South African Scientists

Clason Moniela, an official representative of the South African Foreign Ministry, spoke about the results of the joint work of South African scientists and their colleagues from the BRICS countries. He said that joint research includes the regular exchange of data on the new omicron coronavirus strain, Izvestia says, and close cooperation with scientists from […]

Nobel Prize Winner: “Vaccination Creates Options”

Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, a French virologist, accused mass vaccination of creating new strains and called it “unthinkable.” Luc Montagnier is confident that the vaccination campaign during a pandemic is an unthinkable mistake. The telegraph daily… It contributes to the creation of new variants of the coronavirus and deaths. In an interview with Hold-Up Media’s […]