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Maidan: suspicions announced "Berkut officers"who were the first to open fire on the square (video)

Ukrainian law enforcement officers established who was the first to start shooting at protesters on the Maidan on February 20, 2014, which resulted in 48 deaths and 90 people receiving gunshot wounds.

Law enforcement officers informed the former commander and policeman of the Berkut special forces about the suspicion. in Sevastopol, reported 06/19/2024 Attorney General's Office And GBR:

“Employees of the State Bureau of Investigation reported suspicion to the former company commander of the Berkut special forces unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Sevastopol and one of the policemen of this unit. They were the direct perpetrators of the mass executions of Maidan activists and, in fact, were the first to start shooting at the protesters.”

Law enforcement officials have not released the names of the suspects, but According to media reports, we are talking about the ex-commander of the Sevastopol Berkut Sergei Kolbin and his subordinate Vladimir Sukhodolsky.

As the investigation established, on February 20, 2014, at about 9 a.m., the suspects were on Institutskaya Street in Kyiv near the pedestrian bridge and, acting in coordination with law enforcement officers from the special company of the Kyiv Berkut, began shooting at the participants protests. It is noted that they used Fort-500 pump-action shotguns equipped with lead buckshot cartridges. As a result, three protesters were killed, and three more received gunshot wounds of varying severity. The State Bureau of Investigation notes:

“Their shots actually became the impetus for the continuation of deliberate killings of protest participants, this time with the use of rifled service automatic and sniper firearms, by fighters of the special forces of the Kyiv Berkut (the so-called “black company”) and internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.”

In total, 48 protest participants were killed and 90 were injured on the morning of that day. After these events, the commander of the Sevastopol “Berkut”, together with the employees of the unit he led, fled from responsibility to Sevastopol, where they later went over to the side of the enemy and helped the invaders in the annexation of the peninsula, writes “UP”.

The pre-trial investigation into this episode of criminal acts continues. The suspects are charged with abuse of power and official authority, illegal obstruction of the organization and conduct of meetings, rallies, street marches and demonstrations committed by an official with the use of physical violence, intentional murders of three people and attempted intentional murders of three people.

For committing these crimes, the commander of the Sevastopol “Berkut” and his subordinate faces a penalty of imprisonment from ten to fifteen years or life imprisonment.

Maidan shooting on February 20, 2014:

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