May 25, 2024

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Woman jumps out of window to escape angry boyfriend

A 47-year-old woman, a victim of domestic violence, jumped from the window of her apartment in Patras to escape her abusive “friend” who was beating and insulting her.

Video taken during the incident shows the woman first throwing her bag and then jumping onto the sidewalk screaming for help.

A neighbor from the same building ran out into the street after hearing a fight, swearing and loud noises coming from the apartment. He and a woman passing by helped the victim and took the frightened woman to safety.

A passerby told the media that he filmed the victim's escape in order to have a document. “I was afraid something really bad would happen.”he added.

“I heard furniture falling and breaking, terrible insults and terrible voices that grew stronger every minute. All this happened at 04:30 in the morning. I was afraid that something very bad would happen,” – said the couple's neighbor.

Then “I opened the door of my house and ran to help. Then I saw a woman open the window, throw out her bag and also jump out. I ran to catch her along with another young woman who was passing by at that time.” “We helped her escape, but her man stayed in the house,” – the assistant added.

On Friday morning, the woman returned home accompanied by police officers, who detained the criminal and took him to the duty judge. He was ordered to stay away from the victim's home and released. Despite the verdict, the criminal returned to the woman again and started a fight.

“We heard voices again and called the police, a police car arrived and arrested him on the spot.”– said the neighbor.

The man was arrested again, this time facing charges of domestic violence and violating a restraining order. He is due to appear before the prosecutor on Monday morning.

It should be noted that Greek society seems especially sane and vigilant after the 28-year-old Kiriaki Mane was stabbed to death to his ex-boyfriends outside the police station last Monday. A young woman went to the police station for help after her ex-partner was following her outside her home. The police laughed at the woman and literally pushed her out into the street, where she was stabbed to death a few meters from the police station. At the same time, the policeman who was bordering the area and standing nearby did not react in any way to the murder.


In recent years, the number of femicides in Greece has reached unprecedented levels.

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