Tragedy in Lamia: a woman’s heart broke when she found out that her house was put up for auction

The local population in Lamia is shocked to learn that a 56-year-old woman has collapsed after being told to vacate her house, which is up for auction. Her heart broke when she learned about the “forced eviction” from the house, while it is worth noting that this first residence, and she allegedly previously had heart […]

K. Farsalinos to T. Plevris: “By sending those who suffered a heart attack or stroke to the covid ward, you sentenced them to death”

Renowned cardiologist and vocal anti-vaccinator Konstantinos Farsalinos responded to Health Minister Thanos Pleuris, who said that if someone has had a heart attack or stroke and tests positive for Covidhe will not be sent to the department of cardiology or neurology, but ” according to the protocol, he will fall into the coronavirus block! As […]