February 3, 2023

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The forensic medical examination of the body of the 20-year-old football player who lost consciousness during the Karaiskakis Mavrommatiou-Doxa Ambelou match in Karditsa was completed on 16 January.

According to thesstoday.gr, the results show that myocardial ischemia was the cause of his death. The medical examiner will also perform histological and toxicological tests, the results of which are expected shortly. Competent sources note that the young athlete never complained about his health, which is confirmed by the team’s coach Athanasios Palanzos in the same media.

“As usual, on August 15 he underwent a medical examination to see if he was ready to play, and all indicators were normal. The guy was healthy and never complained of any discomfort,” he told thesstoday.gr. And about the moment of the heart attack, he noted: “It all happened very quickly. At the 17th minute of the match, he fell to the ground. Immediately, a doctor who was present at the match and one of his teammates, a medical student, rushed to him and began to try to bring him to consciousness.

According to Mr. Palantsos, after 10 minutes the EKAB brigade came to the rescue and rendered first aid to the football player. The young man was urgently taken to the Mudzaki Medical Center, and from there to the Karditsa hospital, but, unfortunately, despite the efforts of doctors and paramedical personnel, the athlete died.

“He was an active football player, he played football for many years even in higher team categories,” the coach said, while emphasizing the need to have defibrillators during matches. “There was a doctor here, but there was no defibrillator. It would be good if they were in all stadiums, I hope this is the last victim,” he stressed.

The death of a football player plunged colleagues and the public into mourning. The funeral will take place on 16.01 at the local cemetery.

O a series of “accidental” deaths of young, perfectly healthy people from heart attack The Athens News has already written more than once.

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