Hackers hacked into vaccination center

In Rome, hackers attacked a vaccination center and demanded a ransom. In their hands were the personal data of millions of citizens.

As a result of the cyberattack, the procedure for vaccinating citizens on Monday is difficult, in addition, millions of personal data of the country’s residents fell into the hands of criminals.

These may even include President Sergio Matarella and Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who are known to have been vaccinated in the Italian capital.

According to the first results of the investigation, the “cyberattack” was carried out, presumably from Germany. According to press reports, the persons responsible for the misappropriation of personal data, in order for the electronic system of Rome to function normally again, allegedly demanded a ransom in the form of the electronic currency bitcoin.

The newspaper La Repubblica writes that “Italy’s national security was under threat” and that specialists from other European countries were asked for help to combat the “cyber attack”. The case is being handled by the Rome prosecutor’s office in close cooperation with the Italian special services. Law enforcement agencies intend to urgently find out whether behind the “hacking” and interception of data could be hidden vaccine deniers (anti-vaccinators) who want to slow down the completion of the vaccination campaign, scheduled for the end of September, writes the newspaper La Stampa.

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