Police weapons were found at home in Zephyri

Two pistols, one of which was a police officer’s service pistol, were found during an Anti-Drug Operation (OPKE) operation during a home search conducted in Zephyri. A service weapon was stolen in August from a policeman’s apartment in Kallithea. In the house of drug dealers, two pistols were confiscated, as well as eight cartridges of […]

8 arrests following the Zephyri shooting

Information has been received about 8 arrested at the time of publication of our material, as a result of a major police operation that is taking place today in the metropolitan areas of Zephyri and Ano Liosia. According to information obtained from the state news agency ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ from police sources, most of those arrested are […]

Two gypsies arrested for elderly cheating

Two Roma, aged 37 and 38, are accused of 35 cases of fraud and arrested by employees of the Property Protection Department. According to the Greek police, the victims were mostly elderly people who were contacted outside banks or shopping centers, sometimes pretending to be accountants and sometimes as tax officials. Having a portable POS […]

Recreation camps for Roma (gypsy) children

A free summer camp program for vulnerable social groups targeting 60 Roma children aged 6 to 14 starts today with the support of the Attica region. The program will last 10 days, until August 27, at the Rancho Camp in Sofiko, Corinth (Σοφικό Κορινθίας). It is overseen and coordinated by Maria Zerva (Diamanti), an authorized […]

The policeman leased the walkie-talkie to the robbers

The policeman rented a radio station SEPURA for 2,000 euros a month to an intermediary, and that for 3,000 euros to two Roma so that they could monitor police conversations and safely engage in robberies. This unprecedented case was uncovered by the Greek Police Internal Investigation Service after an investigation began that unidentified persons were […]

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