May 27, 2024

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A two-standard state that takes children away from "Old Believers"but not among the Roma, and gives away minor children to LGBTQ+

The state, as always, showed selective “delicacy” in the case of a large family of “Old Believers” living near the village of Manna in mountainous Corinthia, since the prosecutor demanded that their children be taken away from themwhile according to the law, minor children will be transferred to “married” LGBTQ+

The main justification for this action is that the children of Manos Kalaitzidakis do not go to school, and the average Greek resident, with the help of the pro-government media, is now convinced that they live poorly.

Great if that’s the law then why does it not apply to Roma children who are not sent to school? This question was even raised by Kalaitsidakis himself, and when he asked it publicly, he received no answer.

Why doesn’t the law apply there? Either it applies to everyone or to no one.

This is what school is about. As for poor life, this is very relevant. There are many people who have learned to live with little and are happy, because happiness does not lie in material pleasures, but there are those who have everything, who have high incomes, and these are the most “empty” people you can meet.

The question arises: why take children away from their families?

They could send a social worker and a psychologist and discuss some things. Perhaps reasonable arguments will convince them to send their children to school. Unfortunately, this decision favors some mainstream political narratives.

This family is useful because it demonstrates to the Greek public that heterosexuals can be… not such good parents.

But the characteristics of this family give rise to other narratives “pleasing” to the current authorities. These are “Old Believers”, that is, orthodox Orthodox Christians, so the message that “fanatical” Orthodox Christians cannot be good parents, good citizens and generally good people, transmitted throughout the mainstream media in Greece, skillfully, from all the flow of leftist neoliberal values ​​that they are trying to impose everywhere, because it is globalist, internationalist and above all destroys traditional values.

Without traditional values, people are easy to control, direct and, above all, order, no matter how irrational they may be.

Also, without traditional values, they destroy the rules of common sense, because logic is based on so-called “stereotypes”, which are the basis of inductive reasoning. If you do this, you get this… and so on.

There is a third feature: the established neoliberal society so that this cell of society becomes an example of “leaving the world.”

This family, whether we agree, like or dislike their lifestyle and their attitude towards society, have succeeded in living almost completely independent of any authoritybecause the they don’t pay for food, cook their own food, don’t pay for electricity because they don’t use it, and have almost zero needs and therefore zero dependency.

These are the people who will never want the authorities to teach them how to live. People who do not depend on anything and never obey are the most dangerous people for neoliberals. And judging by the reaction of the authorities, they are much more dangerous than hardened criminals and murderers

Even the very act of candying this family two days after the passage of the LGBTQ+ bill raises some legitimate questions. After all, it is known that the community has lived on this site since 2019.

Is this really such a coincidence?

Be that as it may, there is legislation in the school issue, and it must be respected, but it must be observed for everyone, and not just for those who are “convenient”. We do not claim to approve or disapprove of such lifestyles.

Of course, it is worth noting that, at least in the videos shown by TV channels, the family home appears to have had a library with several books and no doubt the children were at least taught to read and write (unlike most Roma families in Greece) .

Based on what schools have become in the modern world, “the conclusion suggests itself” is that the children of this family will ultimately have no less knowledge, if not more, than the children of “normal” Greek society.

I once imagined that the police raided any of the gypsy camps in Greece. Seized all children who are not in school, as well as all unregistered weapons. Can you imagine this too? Suppose this happened… And then imagine the reaction of the Roma and the “world society” with human rights activists. At least a Hague court for those who organized this.

What kind of reaction do we see here? Christian strikes? Angry letters from human rights activists? Pickets near the court and bullpen?


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