June 14, 2024

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Tokyo: Drunk American passenger bites flight attendant (video)

While intoxicated, the 55-year-old passenger bit a flight attendant on the hand and then told police he “didn’t remember anything.”

There were 159 people on board the flight from Tokyo to the United States. The pilot was forced to turn back after the aggression of an American passenger who began… biting. Many of those on the plane commented on social media that it was like “the beginning of a zombie movie.” writes CNN Greece.

The airliner made a U-turn over the Pacific Ocean and landed at Haneda Airport in the Japanese capital, where the aggressor passenger surrendered to the police. According to Japanese network TBS, the man arrested told police he “doesn’t remember at all” what happened.

In fact, drunken brawls on an airplane are not at all uncommon, as a video with a selection of such cases shows:

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