Facebook in the battle against vaccine fakes

More than 300 accounts from Russia were deleted by Facebook for spreading fakes about Western vaccines. Anti-vaccine content sometimes contained just “fabulous” information, for example, about turning into a monkey after being vaccinated. As specified, 65 Facebook accounts and 243 Instagram accounts were deleted. The well-organized network used a variety of platforms, and the information […]

Biden blames social media, Facebook calls him a disinformer

Facebook called the accusations of US President Biden against social networks about vaccine disinformation as contradictory to the facts. The company said, according to TASS, that in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic, the participation of the whole society is necessary, and “the information component of these efforts should be based on facts, and not […]

Facebook closes Trump account for two years

When you complain that you have been banned from Facebook for a week or even a month, let it be comforting to learn that this company has suspended the account of former US President Donald Trump. According to the same report, he was mockingly told that they would be unblocked “if conditions permit.” In addition, […]

European Parliament: Facebook censors publications on coronavirus in favor of pharmaceutical companies

Three MEPs from Italy’s Identity and Democracy Group * filed a written request for censorship on Facebook, accusing company CEO Mark Zuckerberg of censoring their posts to the benefit of pharmaceutical vaccine companies. MPs say in their request: “Facebook is increasingly restricting citizens’ freedom of expression by censoring their posts, citing alleged and vague violations […]

More internet censorship needed

About how the hearings were held in the US Congress regarding censorship on the Internet and how US Congressmen demanded increased political censorship on social networks. Congress, in a five-hour hearing, demanded even more aggressive Internet censorship from tech executives. The repressive goal of the Democratic-controlled Congress is to hand over power to the police […]

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