December 1, 2023

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Inhabitants of the city of Patras "fell asleep" strange Facebook messages

A French woman living in Elis “terrorizes” the accounts of many Facebook users, constantly sending out very “strange messages”.

“My name is Martina Mireille Ponchard, I am a childless widow. My doctor has confirmed that my days are numbered…” is part of a message received by many users of the popular social network. networks. The “appeal” was allegedly sent by a French woman living in Struzi, Elis prefecture, who claims that her days … are numbered and wants to donate 550,000 euros to someone to help children and the disabled.

The message is as follows: “My name is Martina Mireille Ponchard, I am a childless widow. I am currently suffering from a cancer that is progressing and wants to doom me to certain death. My doctor has confirmed that my days are numbered. I have 555,000 euros in my bank account, which I want to offer to an honest, humble, diligent and serious person who can manage this money well and in return help poor children, the disabled, orphans and people in need, because I suffer from an incurable disease (lungs’ cancer). I could not have gone out of my life with this amount of money in my bank account, knowing that people in need are dying and suffering every day due to lack of funds. I would like to donate this significant amount of 555,000 euros… After many hours of prayer, God revealed to me that I should transfer my entire fortune (the amount in the account) to someone, and that person will use my gift to good use. That is why I am sending you this message to entrust this money to you so that you can use it for charitable purposes. If you are interested in my donation, please contact me via email.”

According to, if someone replies on her messenger, she invites him… to send a message to t-mail.

Authorities are expected to look into the message as it is currently unknown what exactly is going on. That is, if the truth or this, or maybe some kind of fraud is hidden behind all this.

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