"Meta": people will be relocated to virtual reality

When Mark Zuckerberg renamed his Facebook company to META, giving it an infinity badge, many wondered, “What exactly does that mean?” The word “meta” is derived from the Greek. μετά- “between, after, through”. And Zuckerberg’s ambitions indicate that his offspring will be endless, eternal, sweeping through the years. But what lies behind this if you […]

7 new services in electronic form: replacement of tautotits, divorce and others

In 2022, seven new digital services will appear: replacement of tautotits (identity cards), electronic driver’s licenses, “remote” divorce, as well as transfer of real estate to another owner, etc. The year 2022 is coming with a package of new digital services aimed at citizens. As the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis noted, one of […]

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