Wallet Gov.gr IDs are now accepted by banks and phone companies

Greek citizens will be able to use the Gov.gr wallet instead of their ID card at all banks and financial firms, as well as telephone companies from November 1 – based on a joint ministerial decision issued on October 28.

The digital document authentication process will be the same as it has been since July for other transactions, with a QR code scanned and a generated six-digit one-time password sent to an identifiable person’s device.

There is also the option to issue a digital ID document for agencies that are required to keep a photocopy of the physical police ID for their records.

Application usage Wallet Gov.gr ID was first introduced at the end of July and is suitable for most purposes except for international travel.

Gov.gr wallet A digital wallet is a basic digital infrastructure for future storage of other personal documents such as a diploma, vehicle registration, MOT certificate, and social security documents.

You can download the application from the links:

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