Which country has the highest IQ in the world? Position of Greece, Russia and Ukraine

IQ is a tool for assessing a person’s intelligence, usually measured using standardized tests. In particular, according to the World Demographic Survey, the higher a person’s IQ, the more intelligent they are considered. But which countries have the highest IQs? IQ and education are two sides of the same coinIQ scores generally reflect the quality […]

Schools open on September 12 – transition to a full day of education

Education Minister Niki Kerameos, speaking on ANT1, spoke about admission scores, the public IEK, and how schools will operate from September. Ms. Kerameos said about the grounds for admission to higher educational institutions, “passing points”, which “this year were announced earlier than in any other year (what we have been preparing for 1.5 years in […]

Is the Russian navy guarded by fighting dolphins?

USNI, the US Naval Institute, has reported a troop of combat dolphins near Sevastopol guarding Russian warships. Satellite images confirm that the dolphin enclosures at the entrance to Sevastopol Bay appeared in February, when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began. Presumably, specially trained aquatic mammals protect ships from saboteurs. However, not all dolphins are so lucky […]

Poll: 9 out of 10 Greeks want to get an education in public institutions

Regardless of political affiliation, age, social class and income, a large percentage of Greeks agree that, of all basic goods (even health care), education should be the exclusive responsibility of the state. This is followed by other social benefits such as health, pensions, water, electricity, etc. The nationwide opinion poll was conducted by Eteron, the […]

Harvard and Columbia University open graduate and undergraduate departments in Greece

The transfer of their branches to Greece will be carried out by such world-famous educational institutions as Harvard and Columbia University. This will focus on specific subjects of specialization, the functioning of the departments will be carried out in cooperation with the University of Athens and the Technical University of Athens, as stated by the […]

University degree in … sex industry

The British University of Durham introduced a new discipline for students – students began to learn the basics of prostitution, writes The Times… Michelle Downlan, Minister of Higher and Continuing Education, sharply criticized the decision. She accused the leadership of Durham University of “legitimizing a dangerous industry” instead of thinking about the safety of university […]

Schools: what is planned for opening in September

With strict adherence to medical protocol in connection with covid, Greek schools will open in September, said Deputy Education Minister Zeta Makri. As noted by the Deputy Minister, the procedures that will be applied in case of detecting a case of coronavirus in the classroom will be changed. While teachers who have not been vaccinated […]