Greece to send BMP-1 to Ukraine after putting Marder into service

And again, zrada: before Bulgaria had time to once again refuse to supply Ukraine with weapons, Greece also put forward one, but a very important condition: Kyiv will receive the promised equipment only after Germany delivers at least 100 Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Greece. The information was confirmed by the representative of the Greek […]

General P. Geroglis: BMP-1 and Marder, change "awl for soap"

The truth is that BMP – 1, technologically obsolete, was acquired by Greece in large quantities (over 500 units) in the period 1992-1995, after the unification of the two Germanys and the collapse of the USSR, however, Marder is no better … Writes PANAGIOTIS GEROGLIS, brigadier general of the Greek army. “The main reasons for […]

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