The withdrawal of Greek BMP-1 from the islands of the Aegean Sea begins in July

The withdrawal of Soviet-made BMP-1 BMP-1 belonging to Greece from the islands of the Aegean Sea begins in July. This was agreed upon at the NATO summit after a meeting between Foreign Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos and his German counterpart.

As Mr. Panagiotopoulos mentions on Twitter, there was an earlier meeting with Christine Lambrecht, where an agreement was discussed to exchange the BMP-1 for a Marder-1A3 of the same age “and with similar capabilities”. They, however, will not be transferred in the ratio 1/1 to the islands of the Aegean, while huge problems with transportation and training of personnel arise for at least the next two years.

I got to know German @BMVg_Bundeswehr Christine Lambrecht on #ΝΑΤΟ summit in Madrid. We discussed the implementation of the Support Agreement in #Ukraine with the exchange of BMP-1 TOMA for Marder with the aim of starting it during July.

The goal is to start implementing the agreement within a few days. The discussion also touched upon the issues of the defense industry, the focus was on the modernization of Greek tanks. Greek twitter comments on this topic:

When exactly will the marders arrive on the islands? Or is it a minor detail?

If we lose the islands, get ready for prosecution and don’t be under the illusion that you’ll run away on cheap pretexts. First, it was necessary to equip the islands with new weapons, properly train the army, and then withdraw the old one.

Read about the problems of exchange and the technical difficulties of replacing armored vehicles in the publication General P. Geroglis: BMP-1 and Marder, we are changing “an awl for soap”.

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