Reorganization of traffic in Athens from October 16 to January 15 in connection with the work on the 4th metro line

Temporary restriction of traffic in connection with construction work on the 4th metro line began to be carried out from Sunday, October 16, and will last until January 15. The reorganization measures concern the following streets of the Municipality of Athens: STAGE 1 and 2 Gradual reduction in the number of traffic lanes from four […]

15 arrested in downtown Athens

Greek law enforcement agencies reported the arrest of 15 people in a bar located in the center of Athens, which was chosen by gamers. In particular, the owner, temporary manager and 5 employees of a nightclub turned into a “mini-casino”, as well as 8 clients-players, were arrested. Cases have been initiated against the detainees, depending […]

Anxious night: bomb warning, ΕΛΑΣ mobilization and explosive device found in the center of Athens

Shortly before midnight, at 23:30, one of the Greek news sites received a message about a bomb planted on the territory of the Evelpidon court (Δικαστήρια της Ευελπίδων). ΕΛΑΣ was alerted. The unknown person warned that the explosive device would go off in 25 minutes, exactly at midnight. The area was immediately cordoned off by […]

Athens: Free Wi-Fi in 11 City Areas

Transforming Athens into a modern, comfortable and modernized city where residents enjoy living and working is one of the top priorities for the municipality of Athens. Over the past two years, the authorities have developed a series of innovations, creating new digital infrastructure and services that make the daily life of citizens easier. The Municipality […]