The shops are open on Sunday 23 May. Opening hours

On the second Sunday in May, the 23rd, stores will be open in accordance with the provisions of the Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) on emergency measures, which are valid until Monday 24 May. The decision concerns: grocery stores (supermarkets, mini-markets, bakeries, butchers and fish shops, pastry shops); pharmacies; gas stations; dry cleaners; pet shops; as […]

UFO: Pentagon Confirms Video Authenticity

The documentary, which features footage of an unidentified flying object disappearing into the sea, was filmed from a US Navy ship. The Pentagon has confirmed the submission. Documentary and UFO hunter Jeremy Korbel has tweeted a video of his own, according to the Greek web publication The video, which has garnered over a million […]

In Nea Smirni, police seize 40 kilograms of hashish

Two Greeks, 34 and 30 years old, and a 33-year-old Bulgarian were arrested by officers of the capital’s anti-drug police unit in the Nea Smirni region for possession and drug trafficking. More than 40 kilograms of hashish were seized from drug dealers. The arrest in Nea Smyrni, according to EL.AS., was carried out after receiving […]

Nikos Hardalias: over 40,000 acres of land burned

Yesterday morning, the Sentinel-2 satellite recorded a fire zone raging in eastern Corinth since Wednesday evening. As of Thursday noon, at least 25,000 acres of the earth’s surface have been scorched, according to the European Emergency Service Copernicus-EMS. However, these data were obtained before the period of increased wind and last night. Today they will […]

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