June 24, 2024

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Greece ranks second in the Blue Flags ranking among 52 countries in the world

For another year, Greece ranks second in the world in the Blue Flag rankings, scoring 652 points among 52 countries.

It is worth noting that our country has seen a steady growth trend with an increase in the number of award-winning beaches every year, with their number once again exceeding 600, and of the 52 countries participating in the program, Greece has 15% of the beaches of the coasts that have won international awards.

The prefecture of Chalkidiki came first in Greece with 104 flags, while the region of Crete maintains first place with 146 flags.

The international commission awarded 4,252 beaches, 733 marinas and 141 tour boats around the world.

The annual announcement of awards, the presentation of Blue Flags, took place on the Voskresensky coast of Kalamata.

As Nikos Petrou, President of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (EEPF), Vice-President of the Foundation for Environmental Education, told APE-MPE, “thanks to the efforts of the EEPF, it is remarkable that Greece owns 15% of the awarded international coastlines, and every year the number of award-winning coastlines is constant increases.

Our goal is to maintain the quality of the coasts in the face of constantly changing conditions. Greek seas and coasts, despite their uniqueness, face serious global threats such as pollution, climate change and overfishing. There are other risks at the local level, such as overexploitation of coastal resources, uncontrolled redevelopment and reckless, unsustainable management of tourism infrastructure.

Blue flag Today the most recognized environmental quality label in the world, it is a valuable tool for protecting and promoting tourism for the sustainable management of coastal ecosystems. The program is in a state of constant development and review of criteria to remain effective and relevant in accordance with new data.

Continuing its activities (since 1951), EEPPF tries to ensure the protection of coasts and promote a model of soft and environmentally friendly tourism development.

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