May 30, 2024

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Flood victims in Thessaly will pay property tax (ENFIA)

For the flood victims in Thessaly, the torture of the Greek state bureaucracy does not end there. In addition to electricity bills in flooded, closed and uninhabited buildings left without electricity, local residents now also receive notifications about the payment of a single property tax (ENFIA).

This is despite government promises that flooded homes will be exempt from paying ENFIA for three years.

According to the publication trikkipress.greven home owners who have been recognized by official inspection teams subject to demolition, got property tax notices.

Local residents told the news site that when flood-affected citizens/homeowners filled out their applications for government assistance, it was written somewhere that they were exempt from paying ENFIA for 3 years.

Now they will have to go to the tax office with all the supporting documents and prove that they are flood victims whose home was declared in several damage categories.

The Independent Directorate of Revenue (AADE) responded to complaints as follows:

“Those citizens who have not received ENFIA exemption for their disaster-damaged properties since 1/7/2023, although they meet all legal requirements, because they did not apply for ENFIA exemption on the support platform, may apply application for release to the competent DOU your tax residence by providing the necessary supporting documents.”

Based on exemption applications submitted to the platform “Arogi”AADE issued ENFIA exemptions for a total of 11,230 tax identification numbers for building titles and 25,432 tax identification numbers for land titles.

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