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Survey: cat or dog owners care more about their pets

A recent study compared the level of care taken by cat and dog owners, but it also turned out to depend on the country of residence.

“Dog people” treat their pets more carefully than “cat people,” demonstrating an emotional attachment to them and a willingness to bear the necessary, and sometimes not too much, expenses. However, the difference depends on the specific country, reports Science Alert with reference to published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science study.

An international team of researchers surveyed 2,117 people in Austria, the UK and Denmark: 844 dog owners, 872 cat owners and 401 both dog and cat owners. The survey included questions about pet insurance, willingness to pay for vaccinations and treatment, as well as emotional attachment to pets, which was measured using a special scale.

In all three countries, the study showed that dogs are loved and valued more than cats. The difference was largest in Denmark, the smallest in Austria, and in the UK it was quite insignificant. Study co-author Peter Sandoe says:

“Although in all countries people care more about their dogs than about cats, the extent of the difference varies sharply between countries. It does not appear to be a universal phenomenon that people care much less about their cats than their dogs. We suspect that the difference may depend cultural factors, particularly whether animals spend a lot of time with their owners at home.”

This is also confirmed by data from the UK, for example, where there was not much difference between the willingness to spend financially on treating dogs and cats, Sandoe continues:

“The British are often portrayed as a nation of cat lovers, which our research certainly bears out. The Danes still have a long way to go, but they may eventually get there.”

Scientists argue that there may be several reasons for this attitude. Cats, for example, often behave aloof, while dogs require a lot of attention from their owner. Another important factor is the country’s urbanization, when people began to lose contact with farm animals. This happened earlier in the UK, later in Denmark. Researcher says:

“This raises interesting questions about what comparative studies of other countries might reveal. It is possible that there are countries where the level of care and affection for cats is actually higher than for dogs.”

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