June 25, 2024

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Clean Monday – holiday "with tears in his eyes"

Fresh lagana will cost 4.5 euros in some cases, says INKA’s president: “I don’t want to lie to people.”

INKA President Georgios Lehouritis spoke about the phenomenon of high prices that “brought Greek families to their knees”, which is now a generally accepted fact, since many citizens cannot buy even the most basic necessities. “The Lenten flatbread Lagana will cost 2.5 euros (frozen), and fresh will cost from 3.5 euros per 750 grams,” he noted.

“In some cases the price will reach 4.5 euros. In other cases, it will be either 2.5 euros per 500 g, or a frozen semi-finished product. So says the President of the Guild of Bakers and Cooks. I don’t know where Mr. Skrekas gets his information from, but personally I don’t want to lie to people,” he emphasized. Then Mr. Lehouritis stated that “the price of not only lagana, but also lean salads (spreads) has increased by 128% “The worst thing is the quality of the products. When they come to selling frozen dough and bread instead of fresh, it’s a shame,” he concluded. Prices:

1. Halva 400 gr. (vanilla or cocoa)

  • 2023: €2.36.
  • 2024: 3.45 euros.

Increase 46.2%.

2. Halva 400 gr. (with almonds)

  • 2023: €2.60.
  • 2024: 3.78 euros.

Increase 45.4%.

3. Simple lagana (750 g)

  • 2023: 3-3.50 euros.
  • 2024: 3.15–3.70 euros.

Increase up to 5%.

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