June 15, 2024

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Heating allowance: when will the next payment arrive?

On April 30, beneficiaries will be paid the next heating subsidy installment, which will apply to all purchases of fuel oil, etc., invoiced before March 31, 2024 and subject to the required information being entered into the MyHeating electronic platform by April 15, 2024.

Let us remind you that heating benefits are provided to single, married, widowers, as well as citizens who have entered into a cohabitation agreement, separated or divorced, using fuel oil, lighting fuel (blue kerosene) or natural/liquefied gas for heating. This includes firewood or biomass (pellets), as well as the cost of thermal energy for district heating.

In addition, beneficiaries must meet very strict criteria. In particular, for persons who are married or have entered into a cohabitation agreement, the beneficiary is the person obliged to file an income tax return in accordance with Article 67 of Law 4172/2013 or someone one of two in the case of filing a separate declaration.

The above-mentioned individuals are provided with an allowance for the consumption of subsidized heating fuels. Who is excluded from the list:

a) Individuals who are declared in the Personal Income Tax Declaration as dependent members of the debtor, in accordance with Article 11 of Law 4172/2013.

b) Individuals who declared in the declaration that they reside in the status of “guest” (φιλοξενούνται).

c) Individuals who are subject to luxury living tax and who own more than two (2) cars (including jointly owned ones) whose value (as a percentage) corresponds to more than two cars, including those that are voluntarily immobilized.

d) Individuals who submitted an application for heating an office (production area) for professional activities.

e) Foundations, organizations and any legal entities of a commercial or non-profit nature or legal entities.

f) Tax resident foreigners who are required to file an income tax return in Greece, as well as their spouse or party to a joint residence agreement with them.

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