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Bear disease is not about animals

Every fifth representative of the human race, according to statistics, is susceptible to attacks of “bear disease” – as irritable bowel syndrome is popularly called.

With this disease, an unbearable urge to defecate makes you run headlong to the toilet. And it’s still good if such an attack happens once – some “run” for several hours, or even days. This usually occurs under the influence of stress, shocking news or fear.

It should be noted that such intestinal problems do not indicate problems of the gastrointestinal tract, although the symptoms – severe abdominal pain, bloating and loose stools – eloquently indicate the opposite. Rather, they signal excessive emotionality and vulnerability of the nervous system. Negative emotions – the loss of a loved one, divorce, major troubles – cause disruptions in her work, which manifest themselves in such an unconventional way.

If you ignore the first signs and do not take measures to eliminate them, you can expect complications from bear disease. They will be accompanied by a deterioration in general condition, the appearance of bloody-mucous clots in the stool and increased visits to the toilet.

Those who know first-hand what bear disease is are advised to take a closer look at the state of the nervous system and contact a specialist about this. And before exciting events, it is advisable to limit yourself in food intake – give up milk, apples, and fresh vegetables. It is better to have a snack with cookies or crackers with tea.

If it was not possible to avoid unpleasant manifestations, then treatment should be comprehensive:

  • in the first hours you must refuse to eat any food;
  • later exclude foods rich in fiber – these include bran, fruits, vegetables;
  • you should avoid alcohol, smoked meats, vinegar, pepper, fermented milk products and milk;
  • if the doctor advises taking psychotropic drugs and antibacterial drugs, you should take his recommendations.

We should not forget about traditional medicine that can stop the further development of bear disease. Rice water, strong black tea, pomegranate peel, and crackers are quite capable of suppressing diarrhea.

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