April 24, 2024

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Third country citizens can apply for a residence permit online

A platform has been opened for third-country nationals to apply for a residence permit. What you need to know.

According to the provisions of Article 193, a new procedure for granting a residence permit has been established, which provides access to dependent labor. Services are provided to interested parties who:

  1. Have an application from an employer in Greece about an offer of work, to employ them in the status of a dependent worker or to provide services.
  2. Resided in Greece until November 30, 2023 without a residence permit, without regulation of their residence status and continue to currently reside in Greece.
  3. Lived for at least three consecutive years in Greece before submitting the application, in accordance with documents as of a certain date.

Important! Platform like writes newsbeast.gr, will accept applications until the end of 2024 at this address.

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