July 19, 2024

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Ukrainian women are not yet conscripted, but many of them are learning to shoot (video)

Ukrainian women visit shooting ranges and enroll in military training courses so that, if necessary, they can defend their homeland.

Mobilization in Ukraine has been going on for almost two years. Some troops are short of recruits, and public debate continues over who should be on the front lines. Ukrainian Olga Klak says, quotes euronews:

“Life these days is unpredictable. I hope that the war will end before we have to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I want to do other things: help my country develop, I want to work, raise my son so that he grows up in a prosperous country, in a country where there is no war.”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are creating special clothing and body armor for women, but large-scale mobilization is not yet planned. Only those who have a medical education are required to register for military service. But more than 2 thousand women have already completed military training in the Ukrainian Valkyries organization. Many of them have husbands at the front…

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