May 18, 2024

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Abnormal heat in Greece – temperatures will significantly exceed seasonal

In the coming days, says Greek meteorologist Giorgos Tsatrafillias, thermometers will confidently rise 10-12 degrees above the normal level for the season:

“This development of events, due to the transfer of hot air masses from southern latitudes, will affect not only our country, but also the wider region of the eastern Mediterranean. High temperatures look set to continue for the next ten days!

Today’s EMY promises clear weather almost throughout the country. In some places, limited visibility is possible in the morning and evening hours, mainly in the west.

Wind southwest, from 5 to 6 points, locally up to 7 points on the Beaufort scale. Air temperatures will remain high for the season. In most areas it will be 19–21°C, but frosts are expected in places in the morning and evening in the north-west of the mainland.

In Attica sunny, variable wind intensity will be 2-4 on the Beaufort scale. Thermometer readings will show from +5°C to +21°C.

In Thessaloniki clear, partly cloudy until noon. Wind north/northwest, southeast in the evening, from 3 to 4 on the Beaufort scale. Temperature from +3°С to +19°С.

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