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It’s snowing in northern Greece. How the bad weather will develop

Snowfall has begun from the north of Greece, and many parts of the country are already dressed in white. By decision of the local police departments, in the prefectures of Imathia, Kilkis, Pella, Pieria, Serres and Chalkidiki, mandatory anti-slip chains or other anti-slip devices such as snow blankets have come into force for all vehicles traveling on the roads.

According to the announcement of the General Police Directorate of Central Macedonia, we are talking about the following points: Throughout the road network of the prefectures of Kilkis, Pella, Pieria and Serres, in the municipalities of Veroia, Naoussa and Alexandria in Imathia, as well as on the Egnatia Odos motorway passing through the same prefecture, and in the municipalities of Polygyros and Aristotelis in Halkidiki.

Follow the development of bad weather live


In Thessaloniki, ice pellets began to appear after 17:00.

Shortly before 18:00 it began to snow in Oreokastro, Melissochori, Pentalofos and Neochorod, as well as in Derveni.


Snow in Oreokastro – Thessaloniki.

As Sofia Dimitriadou, deputy mayor for civil protection of the municipality of Oraiokastro, told Voria.gr, for two hours cars have been sprinkling salt on the roads, with one car already in each village. She advised residents to be careful with traffic on the roads.

Snowfall is also observed in Pefka, and, as Anastasios Tsakiris, deputy mayor for civil protection of the municipality of Neapolis Sikeon, told Voria, cars began to directly sprinkle the roads with salt.

In Central Macedonia, snow fell in the city of Kilkis, in the Pella and Chalkidiki mountains, as well as on the Thessaloniki-Serres national road.



It has been snowing since early morning in Florina, where the temperature has dropped below zero.

The municipality of Amyndeon, in a statement, asks residents to be extremely careful and limit any travel to strictly necessary conditions.

It emphasizes that “In order to ensure the safety of everyone, please be especially careful and avoid unnecessary travel on the Amyntaio – Lehovo and Ethos – Nymphea roads due to the intense outbreak of phenomena. The municipality of Amyndeon is fully prepared and close to our fellow citizens.”


From early morning the weather changed in Kastoria, and thick snow fell from midday. Visibility is limited in some areas and traffic is minimal.


After noon, snow began to fall in the mountainous areas of Evros, mainly in the municipality of Soufli, where machines have already entered the provincial network and are clearing it, sprinkling it with salt to avoid blocking by frost.

According to the updated EMY Emergency Bulletin

The weather in our country is getting worse today on Saturday (20-01-24) from the north with a significant drop in temperature (by 8 – 10 degrees Celsius) and snowfall mainly in the central and northern part of the mainland.

At the same time, gusty northerly winds will prevail in the Aegean Sea, and heavy rain and thunderstorms will occur mainly in coastal areas.


In details:
A. There will be snowfalls:

α) A. On Saturday afternoon (20-01-24) in the mountainous areas of Macedonia and Thrace, as well as in semi-mountainous areas.

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, snow will occur in the lowlands of northern Greece, as well as in the mountains and semi-mountains of Thessaly, Epirus and Central Greece.

b) From Sunday morning (21-01-24) the snowfall will spread to the mountains of the Peloponnese, Euboea and Crete, stop in Thrace, and from midday – in Macedonia and Epirus.

c) On Monday (22-01-24) there will be light snow in the mountains of Sterea, Evia, Peloponnese and Crete, which will gradually stop from midday.

Β. Gusty north-northeast winds will blow at force 8 and in some places 9 Beaufort:

α) In the afternoon hours of Saturday (20-01-24) in the northern and gradually in the central and southwestern regions of the Aegean Sea.

b) On Sunday (21-01-24) gusty northerly winds will spread to the rest of the Aegean Sea.

c) From Monday afternoon (22-01-24) gusty northerly winds will be limited to 8 Beauforts, initially in the north and from the evening in the rest of the Aegean. Winds are expected to ease starting Tuesday morning (01/23/24).

C. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast from time to time:

α. From Saturday afternoon (20-01-24) in Epirus, eastern Thessaly, Macedonia, Thrace and possibly the Sporades.

β. Sunday (21-01-24) until morning in eastern Thessaly and possibly the Sporades. From early afternoon until late evening in the eastern Aegean islands and until night in Crete and the Dodecanese.

More detailed information on weather developments can be found in regular and special weather bulletins on the EMY website (www.emy.gr). Forecasts will be updated every twelve hours.

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