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US and UK strike Houthi military targets in Yemen

On the night of Friday, January 12, US and British aircraft and warships attacked military installations of the Houthi group in Yemen. The British Typhoons that bombed the Houthis flew two and a half thousand kilometers away, from a base in Cyprus.

With the support of Iran, over the past month and a half, Houthi groups in Yemen have launched a hunt for merchant ships in the Red Sea. According to statements by the Houthis themselves, as well as American and British sources, the strikes were carried out primarily on airfields, from where, according to allied intelligence, missiles and drones were launched, and on weapons depots and radars. writes Air Force.

According to Reuters interlocutors in the US administration, the strikes were carried out by planes, ships and a submarine. CNN reported, citing an anonymous US official, that Tomahawk cruise missiles were also used. Representatives of the Yemeni Houthis named some of the targets that were hit:

  • Kahlan military base in Saada province.
  • Al-Daylami airbase north of the Yemeni capital Sanaa.
  • The airport area of ​​the city of Hudaydah on the Red Sea.
  • Taiz City Airport and other sites in Taiz province in the southwestern corner of Yemen.
  • Abbs airport.

The US Air Force announced that during the operation against Yemen’s Houthis on Friday night, strikes were carried out on more than 60 targets at 16 sites: command posts, weapons depots, production facilities and air defense radars.

The British Royal Air Force announced that its aircraft had struck two targets, one of which was an airfield near Abbs. According to intelligence data, the Houthis launched cruise missiles and drones from it. The second target was a complex in Bani, from which, according to intelligence, reconnaissance and attack drones were launched.

In a press release, the British Air Force said four of its Typhoon aircraft took part in the raid on Yemen, which flew from a base in Cyprus with mid-air refueling. They carried out the attacks with satellite- and laser-guided Paveway IV bombs.


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