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Bomb in Piraeus: CCTV camera in building disabled

Raises a huge number of questions Detonation of bomb in a residential building on Philonos Street in Piraeus. The building housed, among other things, a prominent law firm and a shipping company owned by a former Greek football player.

According to local media reports from the scene, the security camera in the building was turned off during the attack. This fact raises questions from the authorities. At the same time, this probably indicates that this is a planned and organized action!

The bombed building houses two large law firms, one of which has a great name – its founder has died. In addition, shipping companies are also located here, one of which is owned by a former football player. Authorities are considering various options for what happened.


It appears the shoe store has become collateral damage, as has a company owned by a businessman who has a relationship with a famous TV journalist.

Improvised explosive device exploded on the night of December 13 at the entrance of an apartment building where offices are located on Filonos Street, in the center of Piraeus, causing serious material damage to the building and adjacent shops. The explosion was so powerful that it was heard throughout the area, and residents fled their homes in panic. The explosion caused enormous damage even at a distance of 300 meters! In a building where a bomb was planted for unknown reasons, On the ground floor there are law offices, a shipping company, an insurance agency and shops.

Unknown people installed the device and disappeared. A powerful explosion followed, the shock wave of which damaged buildings hundreds of meters from the house. The shoe store and printing house were completely destroyed. The second store, by coincidence, belongs to the partner of a famous television journalist.


The area resembles a bombed-out landscape, and many buildings have broken windows up to the 4th floor. In particular, the owner of a shoe store located on the ground floor of the building said that her store was completely destroyed as a result of a terrorist attack. She noted that her goods were scattered tens of meters, and many shoes were melted!

According to currently available information, there was a homeless man not far from the explosion site, who, fortunately, was not injured. Overall, there were no reports of injuries to bystanders. The powerful explosion caused extensive material damage to adjacent buildings within a radius of about 300 meters. It is noted that in July 2020, a similar incident occurred there.

During the investigation, explosive ordnance disposal officers discovered the remains of a slow-burning fuse. There was no fire at the site of the explosion, but the damage from the explosion was significant. Employees from the anti-terrorism department are looking for surveillance footage and eyewitnesses.

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