March 1, 2024

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Countdown to “Christmas Basket”

On Wednesday, December 13, the state social assistance program “Christmas Basket” will come into force. It will last until Wednesday, January 3rd.

The “basket” (goods and products at reduced prices) will include several products that are intended for the holiday table. The purpose of the Christmas Hamper is to provide respite to consumers suffering from high prices and rising prices. So, the “Christmas basket” will include:

  • lamb,
  • goat meat,
  • turkey,
  • tsoureki (sweet bun),
  • vasilopita (New Year’s sweet pie),
  • assorted chocolate.

In addition, the holiday “Santa Claus Basket” is expected to come into force in the coming days. Thanks to the promotion, consumers will be able to purchase toys for children at affordable prices. The goal is for every family to be able to “please” their children. The “Santa Claus Basket” will include:

  • dolls,
  • children’s toys in assortment,
  • designers,
  • electronic/board games,
  • soft toys (bears, etc.),
  • musical toys.

Negotiations between Development Minister Kostas Skrekas and market representatives continue and, as he recently announced, “the market has been asked to reduce prices for lamb by up to 10%, as well as keep prices for traditional sweets melomakarona and kurabiye at last year’s level.”

As the Athens News Agency notes, in addition to the holiday basket, consumers can find 1,286 products from 100 companies participating in the initiative “constant price reduction”. According to Kostas Skrekas, the average price reduction for these 1286 goods is 5.5%, and for some items even reaches 10%.

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