March 1, 2024

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Week of payments to millions of workers, unemployed and pensioners from December 11, on the eve of the holidays

Between 11 and 15 December, 61,125,985 euros will be paid to 53,369 beneficiaries as part of the planned payments of e-EFKA and the Public Employment Service.

In the run-up to Christmas benefits DYPA will be paid earlier than ever. In particular, the following payments will be made by e-EFKA as part of regular payments:

  • From 11 to 15 December, 23.2 million euros will be paid to 1,150 beneficiaries following the decision on a one-time payment.
  • On December 14, 219 recipients of cash benefits (maternity, pregnancy, illness, accidents, funeral) will be paid 225,985.00 euros.

The following payments will be made by DYPA:

  • 10 million euros to 19,000 beneficiaries payment of unemployment benefits and others.
  • €23 million for 25,000 beneficiaries under subsidized employment programmes.
  • €700,000 to 1,000 mothers for subsidized maternity leave
  • 4 million euros to 7,000 beneficiaries for payments under social programs (κοινωφελούς χαρακτήρα).

It is expected that on December 21, 750,000 pensioners with a maximum pension of up to 1,600 euros per month will receive benefits under personal difference in the amount of 100, 150 and 200 euros.

Pensions for January 2024 will be paid from December 20 to 22. At the same time, for 1.5 million pensioners without or with a minimum personal difference they will be increased by 3%.

Until Thursday, December 21, the “Christmas Gift” (Δώρο Χριστουγέννων) will be credited to the accounts of private sector employees.

Low-income pensioners, recipients of child benefits and people with disabilities will receive the “Social Solidarity Allowance” until Friday, December 22. The amount will be paid together with the payment of OPECA benefits and EFKA pensions shortly before the holidays.

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