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ΣΑΤΑ goes on strike – when and why Attica will be left without a taxi

The Attica Taxi Drivers Union announced a suspension of work on Thursday 16 November from 09.00 to 16.00 and a 24-hour strike on Wednesday 22 November.

This is a response to the new tax bill for the self-employed. The draft law of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance “Measures to limit tax evasion” was posted yesterday morning on the website opengov.gr. Greek Ministry of Internal Affairs, ignoring the arguments of freelancers and self-employed people. The government is proceeding with the Pisarides plan, turning a blind eye to the actions of multinational companies and large business groups.

ΣΑΤΑ states that the bill is a chronicle of the predicted death for small and medium-sized businesses; the government has set itself the goal of employing all freelancers and self-employed people. With the announced measures, it will fire 750,000 workers, considering them tax evaders. And they boast about the 600 million that the state will gain from these measures, writes CNN Greece. SATA rejects disgraceful tax bill and calls on taxi drivers to fight for tomorrow:

“What are they telling us? That out of the 200 billion Greek GDP, tax evasion is about 600 million and with this bill they are nullifying it? SHAME. Why don’t you apply the same tactics to large corporations and multinationals like Uber? Why are you giving them tax immunity, Mr. Hatzidakis? Why do you allow them to make profits in our country and not pay a cent? The answer is simple. Because they are partners of the government, not of the Greek people.”

At the meeting of the board of directors on Monday, November 13, the following resolution was adopted by a majority vote:

We start with a break in work on Thursday, November 16 from 09.00 am to 16.00 pm. A protest march will take place from Athens Avenue to the Ministry of Finance, and then to the Ministry of Transport, and a protest resolution will be submitted. The preliminary collection is scheduled for 09.30 am at the intersection of Spyros Patsis Street and Athens Avenue. Taxi drivers will also participate in a 24-hour strike, which will be carried out on November 22 by all freelancers and self-employed workers.

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