Taxi Beat has reduced the cost of landing to 1.2 euros

After the recent increase in fares for all taxis, announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Beat reports that rent price her Taxi reduced from 2 euro up to 1.20 euros. Greek media noted that Beat’s move to charge extra for each route caused a lot of backlash from passengers. The discount will apply […]

New taxi fares: €4 minimum fare

New single tariff entails significant increase in taxi fares. In particular, the new price tag, which includes value added tax (VAT) of 13%, is as follows: Tariff start (turning on the meter): 1.8 euros. Account 1 (one-time payment): 0.9 euros. Account 2 (for hours from 00:00 to 05:00): 1.25 euros. Time payment / hour (for […]

Taxi fares jumped: minimum route 4 euros

The increase in fuel prices has led to higher taxi fares. The Union of Motorists, after meetings with the leadership of the Ministry of Transport, raised all requests submitted to SATA by the relevant memorandum of 05/13/2022, indicating that the existing conditions (two years of incomplete operation due to the health crisis, rising fuel prices, […]

Taxi will become "green"

According to the new climate law regarding taxis, from the beginning of 2026, all new cars that will run within the administrative boundaries of the Attica region and the regional subdivision of Thessaloniki will be zero-emission vehicles. New terms mandatory purchase of electric vehicles for companies and taxis established by the Ministry of Ecology and […]

Taxi drivers dissatisfied with wages and demand higher fares

At a meeting of the leadership of ΣΑΤΑ with the Deputy Minister of Transport, the pressing problems of the production sector were raised against the backdrop of rising gasoline prices. Taxi drivers are demanding increases and adjustments to their fares, citing the effects of the energy crisis and fuel price hikes as “justifications”. The taxi […]

Taxi driver loses driver’s license

Police Accident Control and Prevention Groups (Ο.Ε.Π.Τ.Α.) of the Attica Traffic Authority arrested a 52-year-old taxi driver. As it became known, all procedures for lifelong deprivation of a driver’s license have already begun, writes According to the relevant report by EL.AS., the taxi driver is accused of transporting two clients on a rather long […]

Subsidy of 20 thousand euros: disposal of taxis and replacement with electric vehicles

The Green/Ecological Taxi program, which will subsidize the replacement of a conventional vehicle with an electric car, was introduced by Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Kostas Karamanlis. Speaking at the 5th conference (“5ο Συνέδριο Ηλεκτροκίνησης”), Mr. Karamanlis stated that “electrification is a key element in the development of transport in Greece, and the first line […]

"What has fallen is gone"? How to find personal belongings forgotten in public transport and taxis

Haste, stress of everyday life, problems and even intense love are the main reasons that disorient thoughts and make passengers who use taxis or buses on their trips to forget their personal belongings. Lost items are collected by vehicle drivers almost every day. In most cases, the owner is found soon and the items are […]

UberTAXI now in Thessaloniki

Uber is announcing the expansion of its services in Thessaloniki, in partnership with city taxis, as a well-established international system that will allow you to travel safely and comfortably at the touch of a button. Since 2014, UberTAXI has served thousands of users in Athens. The Uber app will now be available in Thessaloniki as […]

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