May 27, 2024

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Yesterday the planet celebrated World Diabetes Day (video)

People with even slightly higher blood glucose levels are at risk, and every tenth person on the planet has already been diagnosed with diabetes, according to data from the International Diabetes Federation.

In the last ten years alone, the number of people with diabetes in the European Union has doubled to 32 million. The European Commission has begun implementing a plan for the control and prevention of the disease; 53 million euros will be spent on it.

International health organizations remind about the danger of the disease and the importance of preventive measures. The latest study by British scientists has convincingly proven that people with even slightly elevated blood glucose levels are at risk.

Employees of the London School of Medicine analyzed data from 420 thousand patients over the past 15 years, carefully studying changes in their indicators. The study results showed that the risk of cardiovascular disease is high not only in people with prediabetes, as previously thought, but also in people with moderately elevated blood sugar levels.

Scientists once again remind that women are less likely to undergo appropriate diagnostics than men, which means they do not receive preventive medications on time.

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