April 16, 2024

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Hamas leader calls for ‘worldwide pogrom against Jews’

Khaled Mashal, one of the founders of Hamas and its leader, called on Muslims around the world to stage a “global pogrom against Jews” this coming Friday.

Yesterday Hamas stated about general mobilization and declared Friday October 13 “Al-Aqsa Storm Friday”:

“We call on our revolutionary youth throughout the West Bank, in the cities, villages and camps, as well as in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem and in the square of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, to rise up and march together against the Zionist invaders and settlers.”

And this morning Khaled Meshal in a video message called Muslims around the world “to fight and become martyrs for Al-Aqsa.” A statement posted on the organization’s website calls on Muslims from the countries surrounding Israel – Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt – to move to the borders and try to penetrate Israel on their own in large numbers, that is, “to use jihad not in theory, but on the ground.” Calling for a “worldwide Jewish pogrom,” he proposes to Muslims:

  1. Show anger, especially next Friday, in Muslim countries, as well as among the Muslim diaspora around the world; he called it “Al-Aqsa Flood Friday”, he said it would send a message of anger to the Zionists and America.
  2. He asked for financial help from all Muslims around the world to help with their money, he called it “Financial Jihad”. He asked Muslims to give donations to Gaza militants to compensate them for the destruction.
  3. He asked for political pressure from Muslim leaders and Muslim countries to stop Israel’s military incursion into Gaza.
  4. Most importantly: he asked all Muslims around the world to carry out Jihad with their souls. Fight and be martyrs for Al-Aqsa. He wants Muslims to fight against Jews, starting with Muslims living in the countries surrounding Israel (but also in other countries).

He also asked the Mujahideen to go in long caravans to shed their blood on the land of Palestine. These are his last words: “Money is important, but today we ask for your blood and souls [чтобы быть принесенными в жертву за Палестину]”.

Hamas said it would not exchange hostages “until the end of the battle.” “We have informed all parties who contacted us regarding enemy prisoners held by the resistance that their transfer to the Zionists will not occur until the end of our battle. And when we are ready to hand them over, we will do so only in exchange for a price acceptable to the resistance,” wrote the head of the organization’s Politburo, Ismail Haniyeh, on the official Hamas blog. And the militants even take children prisoner:

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