“The music played for a short time”, the silence did not last long – Israel attacked Hamas

And not a month had passed since the agreement reached between Israel and the Gaza Strip on a ceasefire, when on June 16 the situation escalated again. Israeli fighters attacked Hamas military installations in the Gaza Strip in response to the launch of balloons with attached explosives from that side, TASS reports, citing the press […]

Belarusian version of the Ryanair situation

At yesterday’s evening special briefing in Minsk, they discussed the forced / voluntary landing of a Ryanair aircraft at the capital’s airport. The Belarusian authorities continue to assert that the airliner with the Belarusian oppositionist on board, following the Athens-Vilnius route, landed at the capital’s airport voluntarily. The decision was made by the crew after […]

Black week, endless bloodshed

During the week of hostilities, as a result of the escalated conflict between the Islamist group Hamas and Israel, almost 200 people were killed, 58 of them children. This morning, the Israeli army launched heavy airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, and on Sunday evening dozens of strikes in just a few minutes. The authorities in […]

Israel: casualties rise, diplomacy retreats

The tension in Israel is not abating, the Palestinians are firing rockets, the country’s armed forces are firing at Hamas positions. Hundreds of wounded and dozens of those killed are reported, incl. women and children. The conflict in Israel and the Gaza Strip is growing: Hamas fighters have fired over a thousand rockets at Israel, […]

Palestinians pushed through "Iron dome"

In response to the intensification of strikes on the Gaza Strip (during the strikes, including the destruction of a 13-storey building), Hamas and Islamic Jihad proceeded to implement their threat and began shelling the central regions of Israel, launching 130 missiles at a time in the direction of Tel Aviv. According to Israeli sources, there […]

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