December 7, 2023

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Gas storage facility explosion in Stepanakert: 125 people killed, 300 with severe burns in hospital (video)

The Armenian Ministry of Health reports at least three hundred victims of the explosion in Stepanakert, dozens of them in critical condition. The remains of 125 victims were found.

About the reasons explosion no messages yet. At the time of this, a large line of people wishing to refuel their cars had gathered at the fuel depot. Gegham Stepanyan, the Commissioner for Human Rights in Armenia, wrote on social networks that in Nagorno-Karabakh there are not enough opportunities to provide adequate medical care.

The Air Force, citing a source, reports that most of the wounded are in the hospital in Stepanakert. The atmosphere in medical institutions in Stepanakert is close to chaos, communication with the city is very poor. Armenian Ambassador at Large Edmon Manukyan said that the country’s authorities are now trying to ensure the evacuation of the victims.

The UN is expressing extreme concern about the mass exodus of Armenians from Karabakh. More than 28 thousand refugees have already crossed the border with Armenia, the Armenian government reports. Shabia Mantu, UNHCR representative, says:

“People are suffering from trauma and fatigue and are in urgent need of psychosocial support. The Armenian government is taking appropriate measures and says it will ask the international community for support as needed. Now, at the request of the government, UNHCR is providing some assistance.”

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