December 7, 2023

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Stefanos Kasselakis wins SYRIZA election with 55% of votes

Polling stations for elections in SYRIZA all over Greece they are showing a clear victory for Stefanos Kasselakis. See some of the first results across the area:

  • Kanalaki (Parga): Kasselakis 87, Achcioglu 79
  • Parakalamos Ioannina: 56 35
  • Chrysovitsa Ioannina: Kasselakis 19, Accioglu 16
  • Afantou Rhodes: Kasselakis 129 votes, Effie Achcioglu 40
  • Fournoi Ikaria: Stefanos Kasselakis 35 votes, Achcioglu 14.
  • Orestiada: Kasselakis – 117 votes, Efis Ahcioglu – 60.
  • Gavalu, Etoloakarnania: Kasselakis – 80 votes, Ahcioglu – 34.
  • Paravola, Aitoloakarnania: Stefanos Kasselakis – 105 votes, Achcioglu – 29.
  • Astakos (Aitoloakarnania): Kasselakis – 62, Achcioglu – 24.

According to available information, ultimately voted 133,261 deputies.

At 10:30, KEFE President Yiannis Drossos will announce the first results.

Both candidates for the leadership of SYRIZA will attend the announcement of the results of the internal party vote in their offices. Efi Ahtsioglu is already there, with Nassos Iliopoulos, Nikos Bistis, Siya Anagnostopoulou, and in the next hour Stefanos Kasselakis is expected to go to his office, where he will be met by the former Minister of National Defense Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis and the parents of Stefanos, who made the biggest political surprise in Greece after 1974.

This is a strange new era on the Greek political scene. A time when you can’t be optimistic, but only hope…

When openly gay becoming a leading politician in such an orthodox country as Greece, this already says something…


A college kid with an American mentality, who worked for Joe Biden and Goldman Sachs, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, married in the US to a man who is on friendly terms with large capitalist groups around the world, is running for leadership of the left-wing party SYRIZA! This could be a “coffee shop story”, but it is a reality called Stefanos Kasselakis, this is how the Greek publication comments on the situation espressonews.

Read more about the new leader of SYRIZA Stefanos Kasselakis in the publication How Kasselakis made a U-turn on SYRIZA, and why people in ND fear him

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