December 11, 2023

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On the night of Tuesday, September 19, the mayor of Lamia was attacked by unknown assailants

Shortly before 1 a.m. on September 19, the mayor of Lamia, Thimios Karaiskos, was attacked by unknown assailants, breaking his car’s passenger side window and windshield.

The mayor developed speed and managed to break away from the attackers. A few minutes before the attack, Timios Karaiskos let go of his driver and got behind the wheel himself, returning home. Earlier, during a television show on the STAR channel, he announced threats to the lives of him, his family and children:

“My family and I are going through a drama with threats and insults that have resulted in lawsuits being filed. The mayor should not see bandits roaming around his house. I reported all this to the prosecutor in a complaint. I visited the prosecutor three times and reported specific incidents. The prosecutor’s office has already begun a preliminary investigation.”

Mr. Timios Karaikos, shortly after the incident, spoke about the “murderous ambush” and, in a state of shock, was taken to Lamia Hospital as a precaution. His partner Yiannis Koutsoukis, who, along with the notified police, was the first to arrive at the scene of the attack, as they had separated just a few minutes earlier, says:

“The attack from the passenger seat was not accidental. This is where the mayor usually sits.”

The police, led by the Chief of Police of Phthiotis, Mr. Christos Moutsokos, tried all night using cameras located over a wide area to determine the movement of people or cars, but have not yet found anything significant. writes CNN Greece.

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